What is Air Sealing? How is it different from insulation?

Air sealing controls the movement of air into and out of a structure. We need to control air movement to ensure it is properly filtered through our HVAC system and not coming in on its own terms. Allergens, dust, pests, and other unwanted pollutants may enter the building structure without proper air sealing. Temperature imbalances or drafts may result from air leaking into a structure. Air sealing ensures the air we pay to heat or cool is kept inside the living space – not leaking out some hole in the building envelope. Air sealing is a vital aspect of overall building health, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Insulation alone cannot stop the flow of unwanted air. Even homes or buildings with spray foam insulation will benefit from proper air sealing. Spraying thousands of dollars worth of foam into a stud bay while failing to properly air seal penetrations, sill plates, top plates, and between studs will leave you with a drafty building.

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