Air Sealing

AeroBarrier is a non-toxic water-borne acrylic sealant. It is formulated to be free of harmful chemicals. In fact, it contains no ingredients or compounds on the ILFI Red List of building materials and it is GreenGuard Gold certified.

  • No off-gassing
  • Withstands 50-year durability tests with virtually no degradation or loss of seal
  • Meets the strictest certification requirements for use in schools and hospitals
  • Non-flammable

Unlike traditional air sealing done by hand, AeroBarrier is applied using a computer driven process and a blower door. First, we prep the space by masking off anything we don’t want sealed by the AeroBarrier sealant. Then we use a blower door to pressurize the building. By creating pressure inside your home or office building, we force air to leak out of the cracks in the building envelope. When the pressure reaches the proper level, we spray a “caulk” sealant into the air. The sealant is forced into the gaps in the building envelope and fills them. The computer controls the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of the sealant with precision.