2020 Vision

Midsouth AeroBarrier’s 2020 vision is to continue transforming homes in Memphis, TN, northern Mississippi, and Jonesboro, Arkansas into quality, energy efficient, and healthy homes. Residential building codes in our area are still not as stringent as those in other parts of the country. Don’t worry, even though area building codes do not require builders to construct a tight house, that doesn’t mean you cannot have one!

Our computerized air sealing services are fully compatible with traditional building practices. Your builder can keep building the same way and our sealing service will literally “fill in the gaps”. By emitting an aerosol sealant into the home’s structure, we seal all of the holes, cracks, gaps, penetrations, etc. – even ones you cannot see.

As you think about building a home in 2020, please pay attention to the details. Would you design a kitchen without cabinets? Would you select a sink with no drain? You obviously would not, so why would you exclude proper air sealing from your build? Air sealing keeps conditioned air in and keeps unwanted air out. By controlling the flow of air, you ensure the comfort, health, and energy efficiency of your new home.

Let’s work together to make mid south homes perform better in 2020!