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.54 ACH! Air Sealing Greatness.

Midsouth AeroBarrier hit the highway last weekend to make some new friends and seal a house in Florence, AL. Our customer, James, is building a tight house using SIP (structural insulated panels) framing. SIP panels have insulated foam cores sandwiched by two panels of structural boards. The exterior of the home was coated with a liquid weather resistant barrier. This is one of the tightest houses we have sealed with a starting value of 4.79 ACH (air changes per hour). 4.79 ACH means the total volume of air in the house changes out 5 times per hour due to leaks in the envelope. 

We prepped the home and hit it with a good dose of AeroBarrier sealant and now the home has .54 ACH – an 88.7% reduction in air leakage. Thanks James and thanks to our new friends at ImagineIt Builders. The owner is thrilled with the air sealing job and so are we!