home MidSouth AeroBarrier AeroBarrier and AeroSeal combine to seal a 1991 home to today’s standards!

AeroBarrier and AeroSeal combine to seal a 1991 home to today’s standards!

Kevin Yee of Save Energy Solutions, LLC was performing duct sealing services for a well-informed client in Bartlett, TN. Kevin’s client purchased a home built in 1991, knowing that it needed some renovations to achieve his goal of becoming energy efficient. Kevin’s client contracted with Save Energy Solutions, LLC to provide AeroSeal duct sealing services. AeroSeal uses an innovative process to seal leaky ducts from the inside.

Kevin and his team took a 28 year old home and sealed it to today’s standards for duct leakage (4% or less), but he knew that more could be done to seal the envelope of this home. After considering manual air sealing, Kevin opted to bring in Midsouth AeroBarrier. AeroSeal and AeroBarrier are part of the same corporate family so Kevin was already familiar with the sealing process and sealing capabilities.

MidSouth AeroBarrier agreed to partner with Kevin and his AeroSeal team to make this house tight! We measured 11.5 ACH (air changes per hour) upon arrival at the home. The entire volume of air in this home changed out 11.5 times every hour. That much air leakage is equivalent to a 284 square inch hole in the side of the house! Our team knew that we had the air sealing technology to help this client so we jumped right in. After completing our prep work we began sealing the home.

AeroBarrier prep work. AeroBarrier settles on horizontal surfaces so we must mask them off prior to air sealing. The device is the corner is our air sealing spray rig.

After a little over an hour, the sealing process was complete. Our computer showed air leakage of 4.69 ACH, a reduction of nearly 60%. We could have sealed the house tighter, but the customer did not want to alter his HVAC system to bring in fresh air.

We had a great time working on this project with Kevin and his team. We look forward to partnering with Save Energy Solutions, LLC again in the near future.