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Midsouth AeroBarrier comes to Memphis.

Midsouth AeroBarrier recently introduced revolutionary air sealing technology to the greater Memphis area! If you are building or remodeling and wish to have a home or office building that is energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy, then contact us today. Insulation alone cannot achieve the new building standards adopted in 2019 by the Shelby County commission.

A Bartlett home built in 1991 we recently sealed was very leaky upon arrival. After apply AeroBarrier to the building envelope, we reduced leakage 59.2% – achieving new home standards for tightness. The home owner was incredibly pleased with the results. His home is healthier because air will be properly filtered by his HVAC system. His utility bills will be much lower, and his comfort will improve significantly as drafts have been eliminated.

We were thrilled with the results of the project. A 28 year old home now meets current building code for air tightness!